reset windows password using ubuntu!!

reseting windows password by .pwl is not possible in xp,win 7 like win 98
can we fix this by UBUNTU?????
u will require:
1. Linux installation or live CD or bootable pendrive

I used –> Ubuntu 11.10

2. chntpw tool

Download the source from this site. Be sure to download the link marked “Source code + static linked binaries (zipped)” .

Extract the source. You will find a statically linked version of chntpw called chntpw.static inside the folder. Use it in the following procedure.


1. Launch a terminal in Ubuntu

2. Mount the partition where Windows 7 is installed and go to the folder “WINDOWS/System32/config”

3. To see the list users in the system, command is-

$ chntpw -l SAM

4. Choose the user name that you want to reset the password of and issue the command,

$ chntpw -u username SAM

thats all you have done with ur work…..
now start ur windows and enjoy!!!!!!!


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