init & runlevels…….

in linux all daemons are listed in directory
main configuration file is inittab by editing this file you can change runlevel of ur system.

actually all services are not required to run our system .

so all available services are divided in 7 different groups called RUNLEVEL

inittab is the file which decided default runlevel of ur system.

in comment lines u will see as follow…
runlevel — default action
# 0 shut down system will never start

# 1 single user momde only root can log in.single terminal mode.

# 2 multiuser with no networking multiuser but no networking (college examination section has this mode)

# 3 multiuser with networking

# 4 unused(normally root can configure this mode) root can configure this mode see my next post for its command

# 5 X11 (grahical mode,networking mode) graphical mode which is default in desktop installation

# 6 reboot setting runlevel on this mode is so painful for someone becoz..
system starts but just after logging in its restarts…..

id:5:initdefault is the line which we need in inittab file located in /etc/
changing 5 by above mentioned runlevel will show u action as listed above….
but u need to log in as root to edit this file…..

****************HOW TO EDIT THIS FILE***************
u can directly go to /etc/ and search for inittab file open in either “gedit” or “emac”
open terminal
type cd /etc
now check if ur directory is etc or not
if yes
type vi inittab
type “i” to chage data of file that is insert mode
change the RUNLEVEL MODE
to save changes thype
first press Esc from ur keyboard and ” :wq! ” and enter
u just have used vi editor to edit very important file of ur system…..


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