Windows NT Server and Workstation

The two flavors of Windows NT—
1. Windows NT Server and 2.Windows NT Workstation—
embody the different orientations of the server-based and peer-to-peer networking models Under the hood, the two oper-
ating systems are quite similar, yet they are outfitted and optimized for very different roles.

*****Windows NT Server—is optimized to act as a file, print, and application server and is designed to function as
a server in server-based networks. NT Server can support unlimited concurrent incoming sessions (depending on the licensing agreement) and up to 256 inbound RAS connections. Windows NT Server can also act as a domain
controller, maintaining a user account database for an entire domain.

******Windows NT Workstation—is optimized for desktop performance.
Windows NT Workstation can serve as a high-security, industrial strength desktop operating system and, therefore, is
designed to function as a client in a server-based network or as a peer in a peer-to-peer network.


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