Top 5 electronic gadgets of 2012(Till Now)

  1. Philips Monitor sports ErgoSensor:-  
    Computer Users have come across advice such as maintaining a good posture while sitting on the computer, and also the consequences of neglecting such advice, like back pain, etc. This gadget rings an alarm whenever your sitting posture becomes slouching.
    Also, this device switches off the screen when you are not there, thereby saving 80% of energy.
  2. Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo:-
    This device enables you to write on the digital boards of your computer or laptop. One end acts as a stylus and the other as  a ball pen.
  3. Latest Electronic Nutritional Scale:-
    It comes with a digital board on which you can put any food item. It returns you the number of calories that the edible material contains.
  4. Verbarius Digitless Clock:-
    This watch contains no dials or needles or chimes. It just speaks the time. For example: “The time is thirty minutes past 1”. It speaks in English but other languages can also be downloaded.
  5. Deep or Light Pressure Neck Massager:-
    If you are have a pain in the neck, this hand held device can be applied to the aching parts. It kneads the right veins and muscles thereby giving you great relief.


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