How to mount ntfs filesystem in linux

this is so simple

1.)  Download ntfs-3g pakage as per ur linux OS distribution.

2. )Install ntfs-3g

if u have downloaded tarball package then first extract it there will be installation guide file.

read instructions & install it.

i installed usng commands-.>

cd ntfs-3g         change ur current directory to extracted folder

./configure       run configure file

make install     install it.

3.)  now open ur terminal


fdisk -l

this command will display all filesystem  connected to ur computer even Pendrives

4.)check name of ntfs filesystem u want to mount

     suppose i want mount sda 7  (guess drive by size)

type ” mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda7 /mnt/myntfs7 “

5.)    now go to /mnt/myntfs7

u will see ntfs filesystem is mounted.

type “cd  /mnt/myntfs7”

to goto myntfs7 through terminal.


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