Java totorial1 ->Welcome Application

i’m using ECLIPSE for java programming

you can use Netbeans as well.

Your first application, WelcomeApp, has the simple problem statement:
Print the string of characters “Welcome to Java Programming Tutorials!” to a
text console window.
As we shall see, part of the Java system API includes a Java statement that allows
us to print strings of characters as output to the text console window. Thus we can
complete our design stage with a single step:

1. Print the string “Welcome to Java Programming Tutorials!”.

The following Java language code accomplishes the goal of our first program. The
line numbers on the left are included only for our reference; they are not part of the
source program itself.

* The WelcomeApp class implements a simple application
* that prints a welcome message to the standard output.

public class WelcomeApp {

// The WelcomeApp class consists of a single method,
 // namely the application entry method called ’main’.
 public static void main(String[] argv){
 // Invoke a system-provided method to
 // print a String argument to standard output.

System.out.println("Welcome to Java Programming Tutorials!");


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