Linux:Change Windows 7 Password

Follow the steps to change window 7 pasword

1. Make Ubuntu Startup disk(bootable pendrive) or you can use any other distribution but keep in mind we may have to access ntfs filesystem so if you are taking redhat then install ntfs-3g package to access ntfs filesystem.

2. Now boot your linux.

3.Open terminal

    Ubuntu guys u dont need 4.

4.In terminal to mount ntfs see my this post

5.Now change ur directory to vicims Windows drive, in ubuntu it will be like 103546421313 very long name of partition and you will have to double click on drive to mount it.
e.g. cd /mnt/”ur drive name”

6.Now change directory to Windows/System32

7.Now you have following options that i give to change password

rename sethc.exe  or Magnifier.exe,  Narrator.exe and many that runs during login menu.

suppose u want to rename sethc.exe

type following in ur terminal

cp sethc.exe sethc_backup.exe

del sethc.exe

cp cmd.exe sethc.exe    //just check what name ur command prompt is and copy accordingly.

u have finished your linux work now just boot ur windows 7 and 2 steps .

8.if u have used sethc.exe then at login screen menu press “SHIFT ” five times and see command prompt comes.

type following command and u have finished

net user “user name”  “ur new password”

without quotes.

now try your new password.


9. if u have use Magnifier.exe or Narrator.exe click on easy of access menu and select magnifier or narrator click on apply see command prompt comes.


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