Installing PHP

So you want to learn PHP but are having trouble installing it. Fortunately, there is a simple way to do so.

Download WAMPserver. Wamp stands for Windows, Apache, MySql, PHP. You can download it from here.

Doownload the latest version for the 64 bit platform. Double click the file you have downloaded. It will automatically install everything for you.

Now, just click on the wamp server icon which will appear in your start menu. The icon will appear in the system tray or the taskbar. Now, click on the icon. It will show a menu, click on start all services. If all went right it should turn green. If not, then we have some troubleshooting to do.

Now, you might encounter some common problems while installing the WAMP combination.

PROBLEM 1: Port 80 is already occupied

Apache listens to Port 80 while Skype and IIS also listen to port 80. You can configure them to listen to other ports, but the best option would be to configure apache to listen to other ports.

To do this:

  1. Click onthe wamp icon.
  2. Click on Stop all services.
  3. Then click on the apache folder
  4. Click on httpd.conf file
  5. Change the line “listen 80” to “listen 8080”. This will be in the second paragraph of the notepad file.
  6. Change ServerName to localhost:8080
  7. Then go the wamp folder where you have installed it and locate the “wampmanager.tpl” file.
  8. Locate the following lines:;WAMPMENULEFTSTART
    Type: separator; Caption: “Powered by Alter Way”
    Type: item; Caption: “${w_localhost}”; Action: run; FileName: “${c_navigator}”; Parameters: http://localhost:8080/”; Glyph: 5
    Type: item; Caption: “${w_phpmyadmin}”; Action: run; FileName: “${c_navigator}”; Parameters: “http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin/”; Glyph: 5
    Type: item; Caption: “${c_webgrind}”; Action: run; FileName: “${c_navigator}”; Parameters: “http://localhost:8080/webgrind/”; Glyph: 5

    and copy the ones given which I have given here. The only difference is that wherever 80 is there, 8080 is mentioned.

Problem 2: PHP code shows up

Well, this problem will mostly be due to improper syntax of PHP. If WAMP is properly configured then this problem won’t show up.


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