Getting Started with ASP.NET

I assume all of you have Visual Studio 2010 IDE or at least Visual Web Developer. If not, please download it from the microsoft site. Visual Web Developer can be downloaded for free. If you are ready to pay, you can also download the professional versions of Visual Studio.

Also, as a prerequisite, you will need to know either Visual Basic.NET or C#.NET. I will be explaining mostly in C#.NET, although coding in VB.NET is not hard either.

Enough for the introduction, let us start with ASP.NET.

If you have Visual Studio 2010, then go to File, select New and then click on New Website.














Then click on ASP.NET website in the window which pops up. You will get the following code ready. Now, run it and see.





















If you run it, you will see a site with some links made by default.

Now that you have run this, you will need to know some more things. Each ASP.NET page has a file in C# or VB(depending on the language you are coding in) known as the “Code-Behind” file. This Code Behind file contains the functionality of the ASP pages. Like, for example,  what will happen on clicking a button and such things.

On the right side you can see a solution explorer window. Here you can add other ASP pages which then can be linked to through your main asp page.

On the bottom, you can see three options, if you click the design option, you can design the page yourself with simple click and drop actions and then code them.

To style the page, you will need CSS(Cascading Style Sheets). Although you can do it in HTML, CSS would be easier. That said, these are the basics of ASP. I will publish more tutorials soon.



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