What Does Erase and Sync Do in iTunes?

Connecting your iphone or ipod on new computer or fresh installation of  itunes  don’t let you sync your music or applications.

It asks for erase and sync because iphone or ipod can be synchronized with only one itunes at a time.

When I did erase and sync first time, I googled it  but according to many people-: contacts, notes and applications will be erased

And someone told me that my cydia application will also be get erased means i would have to jailbrake my iphone again.

but no.

Doing erase and sync will never erase your whole iphone.

It will just erase sync files with the previous iTunes library and will sync your iphone with new itunes library.

So don’t worry about applications to get erase or to jailbrake iphone again.



  1. Yeah, but what type of data IS erasable? Obviously music and movies–these are the things Apple wants you to buy. Buy what about PDF files in iBooks? What about your Photos?

    • As i have mentioned above, Everything that you have sync with other library will get erased, but whatever you have purchased in itunes store such as books,music,apps that will not get erased even if those get erase don’t worry, You can get it back, because on your account apple marks every item you download from itunes store..

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