Executing Shell Script in Linux and file permissions


First lets execute shell script, later we will talk about execution permissitions

my file is   file.sh   which is on Desktop of current user

Open your terminal

If your current directory is not Desktop

check it by trying this command


this prints current working directory

Now type

chmod 744 file.sh

if this is not working then try

sudo chmod 744 file.sh

what is this 744?

this is the file permission

7                              :         4                              :         4

1   1    1                   :      1  0 0                         :  1 0 0

R W E                        R  W E                          R  W  E

Owner of file    : Group  of Owner :  Other

R:  Read  Permission

W Write Permission

E : Execute Permission

You can set this permission as per your need and wish.

this has included for the sake of file security.

Read more about file permissions here


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