Microsoft changed completely in just 3 months

Microsoft as an enterprise company:

Microsoft has been recently seen to be changing a lot of its tactics. The company which is seen as an epitome of enterprise software is slowly molding itself into cloud based services. At last, Microsoft has realized that now they are the underdogs of consumer market and hence needs to step up to keep pace with Google.

Microsoft gets most of its revenue from enterprise software. Company’s consumer products like Windows phone, Xbox, Bing and other services doesn’t serve that much to its overall revenue. While the stock investors does see those products as liability, Steve Ballmer (former CEO) has sought to keep the products in the market.

The changes:

Nadela is cloud services veteran, he knows that the future is running Microsoft’s software on every device using cloud. Well that every device includes Android and iOS. The early tactics suggested to keep Microsoft’s unique products like Office to Windows but now they have been considering other options.

Microsoft Office – Recently, Office was released on iOS. The touch based Office experience is what everyone was waiting for. And this touch based Office is not even released on Microsoft’s own Windows 8. It suggests that the company has changed its view and has started considering to release its software on rival platforms. This marks an important milestone to the company, not only they have ended the Apple war but now they see a rival device like any other device.

Metro UI – This tile based look was made to separate the power users (who use the real desktop) and the casual users (grandma and grandpa). The casual users do not need to go to desktop, now that they can access much of the needed stuff in the Metro UI. Well,  this was the vision behind the tiles but recently the company has updated the OS to bring back the start menu and to boot directly to desktop.

Xbox Live gold subscription – Just a few days ago, the company has made some of the paid entertainment services free.

Windows – Windows is now free for all devices with 9 inch or smaller screens, a major business model change.

Development tools – Company has convinced developers to write more apps on windows platform now that the app once written can work on windows 8, windows phone and xbox.

The vision:

Given all the above changes, Microsoft is ‘not just kidding’, its really serious. Heck! even Nadela fired the top 2 managers for not completely ‘in’ for the changes. In coming years, the company sees to expand its services and make software accessible to all using cloud.


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