I’m Bhushan Sonawane!
Curious and desperate to find secrets of Universe!
Purpose of starting this blog back in 2011 was to collect and share what i know and want everyone else to know about Technology; hence tag line was `Computer stuff made easier!`.
Now i’ll extending this to my new hobby, `Find secrets of the universe!` Why and how we think?
I think Quantum Physics is going in right direction and within 30-40 years, we will be able to decipher nature’s law using Quantum Computer.
I think purpose of my existence is to create Thinkable machines. After all, machines are faster in processing data than us. We can have them do stuff which we can’t do.

You can reach out to me

Gmail: bhushan.s.94@gmail.com, bhushansonawane94@gmail.com
Facebook: Find us on Facebook
Linkdin: Bhushan Sonawane


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